The Du Mu Tu Collection

by Duaynekalade Bey

s/hell[re-dux]: falselight as false light hovers -


legions of stars

walk in hell


of the solarium

under their skin sheath


of the heaven

inside their shell

© 2018, Duaynekalade Bey, All rights reserved

time portal:timeportalancient alchemist master of 10,000 signs of the vulture lodge

high priest of the divine order of the talon

clawed hand grip plus nasally screech is the greeting

give up the secrets and your beloved get tortured -

for generations

Kennedy your next of kin

for decades

push the sword back in the stone

and draw blood blacker than the oil from the line of Camelot

more ancient than the Pyramids

elixir of the gods

who pull the puppet strings

of the breathing dead

who have the power to slay

Jupiter Zeus and the rest of them

but still – they don't know the infinite power that resides within

they get sacrificed anytime the wind blows or when the gods are scheduled to eat or when they feel like it

they hide the truth in plain sight of the plane-sighters

offspring of the Titans

which means their Titan's themselves

minds now like children

they fear their own artifacts and DNA facts

cause they forgot that they existed before the Sphinx was on Mars

they only know iron bars

their thoughts are limited

like they are in bars

they spit bars of tribal war scars

empty stories of killing kin

and drinking man made elixirs

which make it easier ​in this matrix navigation


who believe that god came down in the flesh

and appointed other humans to show them the way to the creator

for 10% of their wages

​humans always mess up the experience of being human

where are all the sages?


cyclopian man

dead to life

and blind as a mere mortal

forgot he created the time portal

after he stepped thru it

now he's going thru it

he lives in hell

within a hell

while in a shell

higher mind?

prove it

© 2017, Duaynekalade Parnell Bey, All rights reserved!

Running past street lights Running past garbage

​Some of it breathing

Foul stench - Increasing

The further you get - from your safe haven

[There is]

No savior No savior

But you still savor

The sequence of events That occurred recently

On any given evening ​On any given weekend

Adrenalin peaking As the hours run later

The clock keeps on ticking Your shoulders get heavy

The shadows they thicken The shadows they thicken

The__? They close in

And try to surround you

But you will not give in​ You will not be taken

The odds are against you The odds are against you

But you ain't playing

Run Run Run Run Run Run Run Run Run Run Run Run Run Run Run Run RUN.

© 2017, Duaynekalade Parnell Bey, All rights reserved

SIGHTLESS MIGHT:sightlessbydumutu[partA] Pagan babies Vagrant school boys

Trap the damsel In Junior High

Christian schoolgirl Reverend's daughter

Revered position In parishioners’ eyes

Spinster’s ogle They love the preacher

His words are golden A gift from god

His offspring holy Precious angels

Meant for greatness Why do they cry?

[partB] Tears they fall To mourn the fallen

A short life span God's sacrifice

Why did this happen? That darling child

What good can come From sightless might?

[partC] The guilty trod Upon deaf echoes

Of voices pointed At the sky

Repulsive actions A lack of morals

Why are we made In this design?

[partD] Frightened eyes stare From the shadows

Escape they want But that’s denied

Hostile eyes peer Into those shadows

Ears closed off To innocent cries

Alone is painful Especially for a child Familiar to love at home

Unwanted touches The mind goes blank

Why won’t they just Leave me alone?

She screams inside! Her heart is pounding!

She prays from Hell There’s no reply

She feels the hate Disguised as loving Spoiled forever

To sightless might

[Epilogue] The guilty trod Upon deaf echoes

Of voices pointed At the sky

Repulsive actions A lack of morals

Why are we made In this design?

Copyright 2014, Duaynekalade Parnell Bey, All rights reserved

RORSCHACHdumu the nights? are dark and angry

the days? are cloudy remnants

of what happened at 12AM

the concretes a free clinic

collecting DNA which look like

Rorschach blots

that tell the story


the same damn thing

it’s groundhog day in the concrete jungle

early the next morning

the streets are : ​ quiet. mournful. humble.

the stillness is beguiling

except for all the crying

which mostly flow inside

tears drip into the marrow

and slowly flood the temple

that questions its religion

and questions life tomorrow

because god seems so unkind ​ to allow this daily struggle

what you don't see won't hurt you-

the benefits of being blind?

is not seeing walls that bind

but mostly unseen

is that pile of shit you stepped in

but you'll know that it's there

from the smell that surrounds

your essence

© ​2014 Duaynekalade Parnell Bey , All rights reserved

fork. knife. spoon.forkone “The hand using us means what?”

Said the knife to the spoon Who only dipped While knife sliced, chopped and cut The fork pierced his guest

As a team All three were ferocious

2014 © Duaynekalade Parnell Bey, All rights Reserved

the mad man veiled the mad man cackles at an inside joke

he paces the platform engaged in deep conversation

with the wise man from the east

who no one else sees

people keep their distance

not sure of his next move

they pretend to not be afraid

he stinks he’s loud

he’s filthy

they pretend to be focused on their cell phones and tablets

they respectfully step away from the tracks

as the train pulls into the station

the wise man steps on the train

the mad man waves goodbye from the platform

© 2017, Duaynekalade Parnell Bey, All rights reserved ma.n deadman2ahhhh…

life is massive and fantastic

then those walls close in

when squeezed from four corners

body frame loses wind

down the escalator brain starts to descend

just cause pressure makes diamonds doesn't spell a happy end

your diamond may be exposed in your next life


between now and then cold and dark is your kin

soul chasing soul for many millennia

bond beyond blood the kinships always been

stardust born gold rusts when human

born to live and then die – once again

the only real sin? we don't learn no lessons

your only true friend? your reflection

and if you hate what you see?


dead man.

© 2014 Duaynekalade Parnell Bey, All rights reserved

holographic:holographicbyDuMuTu [part-A:] beyond the sea of darkness

and ​though the fog

wading through the murky waters

of your mental

you’ve searched for the home which you haven't entered

since before your fall

all you know is right now you don't belong with the ?

who seem to be everywhere

inside you feel that it's wrong

that you’ve been forced out of your square

and into this squalor called Babylon


dysfunction is the norm

hate is the hub

ignorance is god

and all the hymns are bliss

reality is gone

everything is holographic

everything is false

[part-B:] metal mist in the clouds

nano bits in your manna

trying to cloud the eyeball above your brow

while the system clouds your logic with grammar

glamour can lead you towards a mental chasm

where echoes bounce off the walls of your skull

causing a rung to loosen on Jacob's Ladder

the serpent shed his skin and slid off

left your mouth full of froth ​ eyes wide shut

watching the blue sky fade to dark

as you escape this hologram

for the after naught

© 2014, Duaynekalade Parnell Bey, All rights reserved

repercussion:daathbydumutu Sun dried hearts Dumbfounded by repercussion

Never thought that it could happen

Neutralized all open ends

Burned the evidence And vacuumed up the ashes

At times the guilt rises to the surface So they try to pretend Like everything is giggles and laughter

But behind closed doors Tears they shed

Blood runs red In all beings They found out the real way

So their days consist of looking over their shoulders Awaiting the pay back —  Trying to avoid the repercussion

But as the days grow older They tend to relax —  Because they believe the past won’t touch them

But your past foes emotions burn hot When glory is not theirs to try on

So they express the sour grapes theory Baring canine teeth Updating Aesop’s translation

To fit that space in time ​Where envy becomes indignation

And the scourge of society becomes you —  And everything that you’re about

So they have to wipe you out

©​2015 ​Duaynekalade Parnell Bey, All rights reserved