The Du Mu Tu Collection

by Duaynekalade Parnell Bey

holographic:holographicAA [part-A:] beyond the sea of darkness

and ​though the fog

wading through the murky waters

of your mental

you’ve searched for the home which you haven't entered

since before your fall

all you know is right now you don't belong with the ?

who seem to be everywhere

inside you feel that it's wrong

that you’ve been forced out of your square

and into this squalor called Babylon


dysfunction is the norm

hate is the hub

ignorance is god

and all the hymns are bliss

reality is gone

everything is holographic

everything is false

[part-B:] metal mist in the clouds

nano bits in your manna

trying to cloud the eyeball above your brow

while the system clouds your logic with grammar

glamour can lead you towards a mental chasm

where echoes bounce off the walls of your skull

causing a rung to loosen on Jacob's Ladder

the serpent shed his skin and slid off

left your mouth full of froth ​ eyes wide shut

watching the blue sky fade to dark

as you escape this hologram

for the after naught

© 2014, Duaynekalade Parnell Bey, All rights reserved

repercussion:daathbydumutu Sun dried hearts Dumbfounded by repercussion

Never thought that it could happen

Neutralized all open ends

Burned the evidence And vacuumed up the ashes

At times the guilt rises to the surface So they try to pretend Like everything is giggles and laughter

But behind closed doors Tears they shed

Blood runs red In all beings They found out the real way

So their days consist of looking over their shoulders Awaiting the pay back —  Trying to avoid the repercussion

But as the days grow older They tend to relax —  Because they believe the past won’t touch them

But your past foes emotions burn hot When glory is not theirs to try on

So they express the sour grapes theory Baring canine teeth Updating Aesop’s translation

To fit that space in time ​Where envy becomes indignation

And the scourge of society becomes you —  And everything that you’re about

So they have to wipe you out

©​2015 ​Duaynekalade Parnell Bey, All rights reserved

iron spine recommendedmuur

run with the wind brethren

when this hunt is over a new one begins

adults form a circle - surround the children

put their lives on the line for their next of kin

first bite hurts

but it doesn't draw any blood

the second bite burns like fire

hind leg goes numb

tumble in the dust vertebrae busts ​ribs get sliced out spill the guts

predators come alive from the blood lust

in the wild killers thrive when the heart pumps


through lines where the blood runs

it's only a crime when it's done for fun

life is only real for the last one


iron spine recommended


© 2015 Duaynekalade Parnell Bey All rights reserved

TOWER OF BABEL: towerofbabel

totem pole vernacular

hierarchy arrogance

foe of the faux fakes vs false

opinionated Droids wearing their skin suits

Roddy Piper they live

alive with pleasure

landed on a new port marooned under the sign of cancer

smoking on a twig is part of a culture

dead for eons

no king to honor matriarchal the heritage

we entered the physical thru her gateway

straight from the ethers

that time is now forgotten

we've entered a new age turned a new page

but most are illiterate and can't read the signs

unless it's written on their foreheads

looking in the mirror the words are backwards

but they are dyslexic so it's clear day

ink stains on their pineal in the sharp of a cross

telling the world

I don't give a fuck about what you say

I'm on my own time

©​ 2017 Duaynekalade Parnell Bey, All rights reserved